Our 1 week Jordan route

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Jordan – a versatile country sitting at the crossroads of the continents Asia, Africa and Europe with world-class archeological sites, rocky deserts and the salty Dead Sea to name just a few of its features. Especially the ancient city of Petra is what made us choose Jordan as a travel…

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Our 3 week Bali route

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Bali – the island of the gods. Not only did we fall in love with Bali because of its daily presence of old Balinese traditions but also because of its thousand colorful temples, the beaches ideal for surfing and relaxing, the incredible cliff drops, stunning volcanic landscapes, green rice terraces,…

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Our 3 week Sri Lanka route

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Sri Lanka - pearl in the Indian Ocean. Not only did this tropical island impress us with its many white beaches but also with high hills, green tea plantations, delicious (vegetarian) food, kind locals, surfing opportunities and its gentle giants - the elephants. The following 3 week route might not…

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